Folding Beams Features


There is no simpler folding system, with only a few simple components, not like similar folding multihulls that have several times the components and complexity.

My beams, complete, will retail at $2,000. A leading competitor’s retail at $10,000.


The structural grade aluminium beam has a 34 ton shear load capacity and is 100% sealed. The beams are acid washed, a special primer is applied and then a two pack polyurethane coating is applied to provide a tough, durable finish.

The oversize 316 25mm diameter pivot pin is isolated from the beam with a 4mm wall thickness acetal bush.

Easy To Launch

The geometry is such that it allows the S-22 to be launched folded, then as buoyancy takes over, the hulls automatically rise to self-lock in to the center cockpit module. EASY!

The S-22 can also be launched with the hulls raised, ready to sail, due to the clever trailer design.

Beams and masts, ready to install

Beams are now complete, ready to install.

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