This high performance kick up centreboard was CNC machined from a Cedar core, then several laminates of carbon fibre vacuumed over using aircraft grade epoxy.

Jamie Saxby (talented son of Gary Saxby who successfully races a 38’ catamaran named “BOSS” and also owns UK Sails Brisbane) did a magnificent job of producing this centerboard.

Soon I will two pack polyurethane it then make moldings for the production version.

The centerboard will automatically swing up when hitting the bottom or an obstacle, thus eliminating damage which can, and does, happen to daggerboards trapped in their trunks.

The biggest advantage of my centerboard arrangement is that when up, it is totally clear of the water, there is also no trunk in the water. This means no drag or possible hull leaks.

Centreboard moldings now complete, ready for production with all carbon fibre outer laminates and 200kg structural foam core. (Should weigh approx. 10-12kg)

Centreboard Molding [Click To Enlarge] Centerboard Molding

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CNC machined, all carbon fibre centerboard, ready for 2 pack polyurethane [Click To Enlarge] Centerboard now ready to lay-up moldings

Centerboard ready to lay-up moldings.

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Centerboard Molding

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