Center Pod

The center pod offers a lot of functional deck space as well as practical storage area.

Under the deck cuddy there is room to store a portable toilet, safety gear and cooking stove along with a water-tight general storage area for blankets, food etc. The large forward deck has a storage area for the spinnaker, quick to hoist and quick and easy to drop back in. The centerboard trunk is complete with 200kg density foam used in the high stress area along with plenty of carbon fibre.

The next step is to spray NPG white Gelcoat with back up 300 csm.

The two structural bulkheads are being CNC machined and once laminated in carbon fibre will then be placed in position and sandwich laminated then completed.

The 2 large single berths are clearly seen along with the outboard motor well at the rear with some storage either side. The cockpit will seat up to 6 people (party at the dock?) but will perform best with 2-3 people in racing mode.

Whether racing or just sailing with the family, the all new S-22 fits the bill at a very competitive price.

After center pod / cockpit completion the custom trailer will be built, boat assembled and then mast/rigging attached.

Temporary mold now complete

Temporary mold now complete, just some detailing to do.
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Temporary mold now complete

Note: The orange PVC pipe is for the sidenets to pivot from.
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