STING600 Update is now live.

This new site will highlight the construction and features of this two in one "owner builder" design.

Due to work commitments with an engineering company I have spend several weeks interstate which has delayed STING600 launch date, now hoping to launch late April.

Jaguar smoking at 20 knots – Crewed by Nigel and Steve.

Jaguar smoking at 20 knots – Crewed by Nigel and Steve.

S-22 Jaguar has been SOLD

A Doctor from the Sunshine Coast purchased Jaguar in June.

I have been busy developing two new flat pack folding trimarans named STING 600. Both 6m long, one being a mini-cruiser with forward double berth and galley and navigation areas, the other a flat deck sports model (with potential to hydrofoil).

Both are super easy swing folding, done in less than twenty seconds with auto lock (no messing around with securing bolts and under beam struts such as the very complex current folding system that's been around for 40 years). These boats will be sail ready in less than 15 minutes, more later when I set up my new web site over the next couple of months.

I am now currently building the first STING 600 swing folding HYDROFOIL and if all works out as planned I will manufacture composite swing beams and FOILING components. It is expected that this easy to trailer FOILER will cost considerably less then the Foiling production multihulls appearing on the market and go just as fast.

- Watch this space -

Update 14/12/2016

Multihull National Regatta Report (20-25th Nov) held at Wangi, Lake Macquarie, NSW.

Due to a lack of practice and the newly installed “Top Down Spinnaker Furler” having to be discarded, it ended up being a frustrating few days.

I was called away on 21st of Nov (Tuesday) by a mining engineering company for several days and was only able to race Jaguar on the first day. I was lucky to have a local sailing legend, Steve Duff, there racing Jaguar with me, however, the two races held on Monday had to be abandoned due to the spinnaker furling system failure. Peter Hacket later said that a large dose of “Black Magic” was needed to get furling spinnakers working correctly.

The second race on the first day (Monday), we rounded the first mark within 50m of the overall winning trimaran, after beating to windward for a kilometre. This performance certainly turned heads, with a bit more practice and a better spinnaker deployment/retrieval system, I believe things would have been a lot different.

New Sporty Bow Design

Steve was unable to find crew for Tuesday’s race so the first three races had to be scratched which obviously assured Jaguar’s last place in the regatta. Steve managed to find another local legend, Nigel, to crew and together they pushed Jaguar on Thursday in 25kts of wind. After mixing it up with the fleet, I was told they had grins from ear to ear. Both remarked on just how easy it was to sail Jaguar and its startling turn of speed.

Compared to the other boat’s much larger rigs, Jaguar was under powered. However, Jaguar was always designed to be a racing boat with the ability to upgrade. It has the potential to be a consistent top performer. There were no breakages, the mast, rig, rudders, centre board and overall stiffness and structural integrity was proven.

Returning several days later, I packed Jaguar up and drove over a 1,000km home. I have now trailered Jaguar well over 5,000km single handed with only a 2.5l diesel engine with no problems at all.

I must acknowledge the wonderful hospitality given to me by Steve and his lovely partner Trish and to all the friendly competitors and the very well run regatta by Shane Russel, family and the Wangi sailing club members, just an outstanding venue and competition, a big thank you!

Some high speed photos of Jaguar taken at Wangi coming after Christmas.

S-22 JAGUAR WINS BAY TO BAY (Unofficially)

The 2016 Queensland premier trailer boat race and one of Australia's largest, was keenly contested with mono hulls, catamarans and trimarans, a total of 130 boats. Departing Tin Can Bay, anchoring overnight at Gary's Anchorage Fraser Island, then finishing at Hervey Bay on Sunday 1st May a total of 81km. This year, the Sunday racing was cancelled due to no wind, the first time in 36 years.

This was Jaguars FIRST RACE, other than a one off local race with only one multihull participating 4 months previous. As I have been overseas for the past 3 months Jaguar had a one day practice sail on the day before the big race. My crew Gary Harding, a seasoned and talented racing sailor, had Jaguar sailing (smoking) hard to windward at 18 knots in Tin Can Bay. Gary was yelling out for more wind, while I, white knuckled, held onto the sheet lines.

Gary commented that he had never before experienced such speed and “GET UP AND GO” as Jaguar beat to windward. The windward hull was still partially in the water so Jaguar still had a bit in reserve! We were quietly confident of a good showing in the race...

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Peter Schwarzel - "Yacht Structures Engineer" & R.P.E.Q

Peter has reviewed major stress loads and wind pressure loading on various sail combinations on the S-22. Peter has contributed to the development of the AUSAU34 A72 "America's Cup" Hydrofoil Catamaran working on foil shapes, lifting loads and carbon fibre laminates. And YES, we have discussed a MK2 S-22 Hydrofoil version for those wishing to fly, but first thing's first.

See Peter's web site at or Phone (07) 55 296 892

Update 5/9/2016

I have decided that it’s time to reduce my work load. This web site will cease later this year, after the reluctant sale of S-22 Jaguar. I will be content to design and build a 5.5m horizontal folding Trimaran for my own personal use, with the expectation of spending more time travelling and quality time with my family.

There simply isn’t enough time and resources available to fully develop and promote the Power/Sail project that I have mentioned previously. This and other concepts have also ceased.

Recently I trailered Jaguar by myself on a nearly 2,000km round trip to the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week. My 2.5l Diesel van towed Jaguar easily with a fuel cost of only $380. This was a good offshore sailing test for Jaguar as we beat to windward at 9 and 10kts in large chop produced by wind against strong tidal currents. Being the smallest racing multihull competing by far, Jaguar wasn’t able to match the other, much larger, boats in performance, however I was happy with its structural integrity as we pushed hard in a variety of off-shore conditions.

The Nacra rudders, mast, rigging, centre board operation, nets and bow pole performed exceptionally with no noticeable twisting of structure. The radical bows, that I had always planned to update after some serious sea trials, performed as designed keeping the bows from digging in downwind and possibly pitch poling as so many of the very sharp / low buoyancy racing cats do when pushed too hard.

Jaguar, while sailing downwind at 14kts, did run into the back of waves in front but immediately popped back up as designed.

I have now formulated a new updated bow which will see the bow extended and vertical bow section raised making the whole bow a little finer which will add some extra speed. Jaguar will be up for sale once new bows are completed and can be delivered or you can simply hook it up to your vehicle and drive away.

Jaguar is an exciting boat to sail and in the hands of competent sailors will continue to win races with its competitive OMR rating of 0.786, or just as a fast weekender for non-racing events.

Surtees S-22

  • Removable carbon fibre bow pole.
  • NACRA rudder system (who have been at the cutting edge of fast multihulls for over 30 years).
  • Fully battened square top mainsail, roller furling jib, roller furling screecher and asymmetric spinnaker.
  • Folding is as simple as can be, boat can be launched folded or un-folded.
  • Simple mast raising and lowering by one person.
  • Huge centre cockpit where most sailing is performed, except driving hard in strong wind where the boat can be steered from the outer hulls. The centre cockpit can comfortably seat 4 adults.
  • Sleeping accomodation with customised, full bimini cover. (Optional)
  • Storage space for a "Porta-Potty", ice box, food and water, safety gear, stove under the mini cockpit (cuddy).
  • Access to the hulls through 380mm x 430mm hatch opening.
  • Construction - Core Cell and PVC structural 80kg foam core vacuumed along with double bias glass fabrics with 200kg density foam in high compression load areas, lots of carbon fibre in all stress areas. NPG gel-coat along with multi-colour choice will be available. Vinylester and Epoxy resin used throughout.
  • Rotating Aluminium wing mast 10m (32' 9") (with all parts fitted expected to weigh under 40kg) with synthetic stays.
  • All hardware supplied by world leaders Harken. Constrictors, screecher furler by Ronstan.
  • Hulls have forward canards which are designed to provide dynamic lift and stability, dampen pitching and to also minimise hull depression and pitchpoling.

Surtees S-22


O.A.L : 6.96m (22'10")

O.A.B : 4.4m (14'6")

FOLDED BEAM : 2.5m (8'3")

HULL BEAM @ W/L TO O.A.L : 1:15

MAST TO O.A.L : 1:4

DRAFT (SAIL READY) : 200mm (8")


SAILING WEIGHT : 500kg (approx.)


MAIN SAIL : Square top with six tapered battens
Sail Cloth: Challenger Performance 5.93oz
Sail Area: 20.3 Sq m

JIB : Furling
Sail Cloth: Challenger Performance 5.93oz
Sail Area: 9.8 Sq m

Sail Cloth: Storm Lite Contender 2.2oz
Sail Area: 22.8 Sq m (radial cut)

Asymmetric Spinnaker : (with sock)
Sail Cloth: Super Coat .3/4oz
Sail Area: 40.5 Sq m (part radial cut)

All specifications subject to change.

Sails by UK Sailmakers Brisbane


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How to keep nearly $50,000 in the Bank

The exciting All New S-22 High Performance Folding Trailer Catamaran, sail ready, drive away will be offered at an amazingly low price of AUD $55,000 ex factory (excluding GST). The S-22 (sail ready) includes all four sails, all furling gear, carbon fibre bow pole and winches. The only optional extras are the foldaway full Bimini cover, custom made roll-up mattresses and outboard motor. Thus a similar size trailer trimaran from NZ will cost nearly AUD $100,000 on trailer complete, sail ready at today's exchange rate and various import duty tax's and shipment costs etc.


For all your deck hardware and more, contact Andrew 'Spot' Smith (0417554331) and Dick McCulloch (0408446862) for expert friendly advice and service.

CG Composites are providing structural epoxies for the S-22 Beam Bulkheads and Deck to Hull joints. Contact Andrew Ogilvie and the team for expert advice and outstanding service at (07) 38682025 ( Brisbane QLD ) or

Contact Justin Mulkearns for an amazing range of Hi Tech ropes on (0433244306) for excellent service and advise.

ATL Composites. For Technical Sales phone (07) 55631222 ATL Composites supply custom cut contoured foam for the S-22 hulls, see their products at

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